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Downgrade Nvidia driver on Linux

Intro Recently, I installed fedora 39, then I just installed rpmfusion to install Nvidia driver, the installation’s version is 545.29.06. When I installed CS2 / Genshin Impact and mincraft, it was causing regular stuttering and frame drop issues. So I considered downgrade the Nvidia-driver Directly downgrade On fedora, I recommand to use this command: sudo dnf downgrade nvidia-* –exclude nvidia-gpu-firmware –allowerasing It should tell you what version to downgrade is....

January 1, 2024 Â· Peng Cheong

Crack Emby on Linux

Ref: https://docs.charontv.com/ke-hu-duan-jiao-cheng/windows-she-bei/emby-guan-fang-ke-hu-duan Whay I mentioned above tells how to crack emby theather on the easiest way on Windows. But in linux, it’s still very easy :) Emby Theater over Flatpak I installed emby theater with flatpak on fedora 36. First, edit emby varify address by editing it’s js type file. $ sudo vim /var/lib/flatpak/app/media.emby.EmbyTheater/current/active/files/electron/resources/app/main.js Then, replace https://tv.emby.media with http://embycrack.tk. Boom! Your emby has been cracked, restart it, and it works ~...

November 13, 2022 Â· Peng Cheong

How do I use docker in Silverblue F36

Silverblue offically provice toobox as a container, you can manage it with podman. But sometime it cannot meet our needs, thus we need to install docker. Following offcial document, you will find that docker cannot be installed. Here is how I deal with this. Installing Docker and Docker Compose Don’t need to install docker-ce or any other package, just running rpm-ostree ostree install docker to install Docker. if needed, you can run rpm-ostree ostree install docker to install docker-compose....

May 8, 2022 Â· Peng Cheong